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About the book

The Dream Game is a fun, rhyming read to help your little one drift off to sweet dreams with a smile.

The pages at the end of the book are included for you and your child to play the Dream Game after reading the story. Record their imaginative dreams on the journal pages provided.

A bedtime tale for now and a special keepsake for always.

The story behind the story

Bedtime is a special bonding time for our little ones, but it can also bring about scary thoughts and fears just before the lights go out. Danna began a tradition when her daughter Ryan and son Marc were little, sharing happy thoughts and dreams before bed. This inspired her to write a poem about their sweet bedtime ritual. As it sometimes happens, the poem was left tucked away in a cabinet, but was happily
rediscovered 18 years later.

Now 22 and just about to graduate from Boston University, Danna asked her daughter Ryan to be her illustrator, and the mother/daughter duo began bringing The Dream Game to life. We are proud to share our Dream Game with you and hope it brings the same joy and comfort it brought our family.

Sweet dreams and happy reading!